Barbara is in Pole Position

Barbara Gibson, Lib Dem MEP Candidate for the East of England, with Vince Cable

Barbara was today announced as the first choice Eastern Region MEP candidate by the Liberal Democrats for the EU elections scheduled to be held on 23rd May. Barbara topped the poll of Eastern Region Lib Dem members, in a strong field of candidates. Under the Proportional Representation (PR) system used in the European elections, MEPs are selected in order from their party's list as their party accrues sufficient votes to win a seat. This puts Barbara in Pole Position to be an MEP for our region.

Barbara said: “It is clear that Brexit is a failure, and that the people want a way out of the mess created by the Government. This election is the first step, an opportunity to send a powerful message that the people demand a final say, and the opportunity to stay in the EU.

“As the largest pro-European party in England, the Liberal Democrats are the best positioned to make that happen.

“What we need in MEPs is dynamic leaders who can effect change, who will lead reform, rather than using the EU as the scapegoat for the failures of our own successive Governments.

“I’m pleased to lead the list of Lib Dem candidates for the region, and hope to have the opportunity to make the EU deliver even more for Hertfordshire and the Eastern Region.”

The full list of Liberal Democrat candidates selected for the Eastern region, in order, is as follows:

  1. Barbara Gibson
  2. Lucy Nethsingha
  3. Fionna Tod
  4. Stephen Robinson
  5. Sandy Walkington
  6. Marie Goldman
  7. Julia Ewart

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